J-1 Internships

FUSIA is a program sponsor in the J-1 intern visa category.

With a J-1 intern visa/status, eligible foreign nationals are allowed to come to the US to gain exposure to US culture and to receive hands-on experience in US business practices in their chosen occupational field.

Internship programs are for foreign college and university students or recent graduates. To join, you will need a host organization and a J-1 visa (intern category) alongside a designated sponsor.

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How to apply?

J-1 internships bridge the gap between formal education and practical work experience. They allow eligible foreign interns to acquire practical experience in their chosen occupational field.

01 Identify program
The US offers a variety of opportunities to acquire work experience or explore American culture.

The Exchange Visitor Program, BridgeUSA (J-1 Visa) a program initiated by the US government to promote mutual understanding between the US and other countries within the framework of this cultural and educational program.

Of the 15 BridgeUSA program types, J-1 internships/trainings allow eligible foreign nationals (recent graduates and professionals) to pursue fulltime skills-based training programs alongside social and cultural exchange experiences in the US.

Foreign students or recent graduates interested in gaining practical experience in their chosen occupational field may apply to become an exchange (J-1) intern through a program sponsor designated by the US Department of State.

FUSIA is a designated sponsor in the J-1 intern category.
02 Become a J-1 intern
To get started, ensure that the applicant meets the minimum requirements for becoming a J-1 intern. Click HERE for more.

• Age 18+
• Undergraduates or postgraduates
• Sufficient English language proficiency
• Have a field of study aligned with the field of internship
• Have sufficient funds
• A foreign passport valid for six months after the program
• Fulltime, degree/certificate granting, accredited foreign postsecondary school
• Currently enrolled fulltime or recenty graduated within 12 months of the progarm start date

NOTE: J-1 interns generally can intern for up to 12 months (18 months for trainees). Participants may arrive within 30 days prior to the program start and stay for up to 30 days after the program. They may be subject to the two year rule.

NOTE: As a general rule, passports must be valid for six months beyond the program end date. Citizens of some countires are exempt and need only have a passport valid for their intended period of stay. Check out the six-month club country list.

NOTE: FUSIA requires applicants/participants to have USD 425+ each week to cover living expenses and to have readily accessible funds.
03 Become a host
Identify an eligible US-based company/organization to host the program and J-1 intern. Click HERE for more.

• Have a physical environment conducive to training
• Have no intention to replace American workers
• Have interviewed the participant(s) and issued an offer letter
• Have workers’ compensation insurance or equivalent
• Have at least two fulltime employees onsite
• Have established/operated for at least one year alongside an EIN and business certificates

NOTE: Each host is required to assign an employee as Main Program Supervisor (MPS) to supervise the program and at least one Primary Phase Supervisor (PPS) to supervise J-1 intern(s). MPS/PPS can be the same person provided that they meet the requirements. Click HERE for more.

NOTE: Federal law requires that US companies/organizations hosting J-1 interns have sufficient resources, plant, equipment, and trained personnel available to provide structured and guided work-based learning experiences along with continuous onsite supervision and mentoring of exchange participants. A site visit is generally required for new hosts with the exception of US government offices/academic institutions OR companies/organizations that have 25+ fulltime employees onsite and 3+ million annual revenue.
04 Be accepted to BridgeUSA
Apply to the Exchange Visitor Program, BridgeUSA (J-1 Visa) through a designated sponsor. FUSIA is a sponsor of J-1 interns approved by the US Department of State.

Schedule an intro call and be assigned with a program officer
Register participant (by intern) and host (by MPS) accounts
Log in to complete the participant/host applications

NOTE: The Participant Application panel (Parts A to J) is completed by the applicant, and the Host Application panel (Parts A to D) is completed by the MPS/PPS. Once a part is completed, submit the respective proof(s) (click HERE and HERE) to initiate administrative review. If accepted, move on to the next part(s). If declined, amend/resubmit as per the administrator’s comments. A program officer will be assigned to work with each applicant/host to complete their applications.

NOTE: Toward the end of the process, schedule/attend a Pre-Internship Orientation and Interview (both), then upload the signed documents and stay tuned for the results. Form DS-2019 (original) will be issued/sent to the applicant upon receipt of the program fee.
05 Apply for J-1 intern visa/status
Accepted applicants will be issued Form DS-2019. The original along with Form DS-7002 and other documents are required for applying for a J-1 visa from an embassy or consulate abroad or attempting entry into the US.

• Obtain Form DS-2019 (original) from FUSIA - Click HERE
• Complete Form DS-160 - Click HERE
• Schedule/attend a prep session (recommended)
• Create an online account/pay the MRV fee
• Schedule/prepare for/attend the visa interview - HERE
• Upload a copy of the visa stamp and Form DS-2019 (stamped)
• Proceed with the Board, Land & Fly panel

NOTE: Canadian nationals generally do not require a visa to enter the US. They may skip the visa interview. They are still required to take part in BridgeUSA via a designated sponsor and attempt entry into the US with Form DS-2019 (original), SEVIS fee receipt, and other required documents.