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Program fees

The CCIP Summer Internship program is managed directly by a designated visa sponsor and in partnership with reputable universities, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This direct approach gives us a cost advantage over our competitors.

• Applicants from HK may be eligible for a subsidy of HKD 10,000 (Reaching Out Award)
• Additional subsidies, e.g., HKUST (log in > OISS), NTU, EDUHK, HKMU, and CUHK (log in > GIP)
• US internships requires J-1 intern visa sponsorship by a designated sponsor
• Most internships are unpaid, some private firms offer a subway card
• B-2 (travel visa) and ESTA are not for internship.
• Visa sponsorship, SEVIS, and MRV fees are mandatory fees for US J-1 intern visa holders
• MRV waived for Canadian students who apply for J-1 status at borders

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Program fees at a glance

Fees in USD. Fees for the six-week program are around USD 6,300 (and 5,300 for four weeks) excluding airfare and personal expenses. Plan your budget wisely and adjust according to your circumstances.

Program admin

Charged by the FUSIA

• Host matching
• Briefings & interviews
• Site visits
• Administrative duties
Visa sponsorship

Charged by the FUSIA

• Mandatory
• B-2 visas or ESTA are not for internships
• Exemption applies to US citizens, LPRs, OPT interns, or J-1 students under AT status

Charged by the hotel (Asiatic)

• USD 130/room/night
• Based on 2 sharing a standard double room
• Hotel taxes/breakfasts included
Other expenses

Visa related

• USD 160 MRV
• USD 51.48/mo insurance
• USD 85 for Form DS-2019 delivery (UPS)
CCIP Internships in NYC > How much it costs

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