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Cultural Activities

FUSIA’s BridgeUSA-CCIP Internships (Full-Placed) place a strong emphasis on cultural exploration through group activities.

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Roundtable: Soft skills? Hard skills?
Business | 2008-07-24

Roundtable: Soft skills? Hard skills?

FUSIA/CCIP students gathered for a roundtable session with Louis Jacobs, the former budget manager of......

Community | 2008-06-06

Students help out at media training

Business | 2008-06-18

Career advice with a twist

Business | 2008-07-31

Career turning point: To stay or not to stay

Business | 2008-06-26

Wisdom on the business world

Community | 2008-08-11

New York University Langone Medical Center

Business | 2008-07-24

Roundtable: Soft skills? Hard skills?

Community | 2008-06-21

Queens Botanical Garden's Greenhouse Garden

Community | 2008-08-02

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in NY

Community | 2008-06-20

The Asian American Women's Health Symposium at NYU

Community | 2008-06-16

Asian American Federation

Business | 2008-07-01

Vision of nurturing the future

Business | 2008-07-07

Now and the future of CCIP